Top Five Summer Wines

After spending a wonderful day at the beach with my slamming hot wife and two awesome kids I decided to list my top five summer whites.

5- Duesa Nai Albariño (Produced by Marques de Caceres).  From Rais Baixas, Spain

Meaning Mother Godess, this wine is wonderfully refreshing with strong citrus and acidity and a touch of apricot and fresh flower.  It is dry with a long puckering finish and a nice body.

4- Louis Michel et Fils Chablis from Chablis, France (The Northern most wine district in Burgundy).

100% stainless, this wine is true to it’s style with a ton of minerality from the limestone and chalk soils.  It has great balance, light citrus, and subtle green apple in the Finnish.

3- Domaine Pichot Vouvrey from Vouvrey, France (Loire Valley).

Chenin Blanc at its best, with floral notes, honey, tangerine, and a mild hint of ginger.  Very refreshing with a great balance.

2- Coppo Gavi de Gavi from Piedmonte, Italy

This Northern Italian gem is a DOCG wine is the grape varaital Cortese.  I love Gavi, and this is a bold version of the wine with great citrus flavors, fresh apricot.  It has a nice creamy texture and a awesome Finnish.

Drum roll Please……………………and the number one

1- Thomas et Fils “Le Crele” Sancerre from Sancerre, France (Loire Valley).

Super tart Sauvignon Blanc with crazy lemon flavor. Insanely refreshing and grat quality for the price.  I really love this wine, it’s just a really nice example of Sancerre.

So there you have it, my list is all mid range in price and great quality wines.

Go out, find them, and enjoy.

Just for shits and giggles, here are the wines that almost made the list:

Mohua S.B., Four Vines UnOaked Chard, Tiziano Prosecco, Pride Viognier, and Pineridge Chenin-Viognier Blend.


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