Wine Vs Music Part 1

I was recently having a conversation with a spirit rep, and she asked me what my favorite wine was.  I told her that I did not have one, and the look of sheer dumbness on her face was priceless before she told me I had to have a favorite. There are so many wines out the with so many different flavored from so many different place, how can you choose just one.  How do you determine what favorite means, is that the best wine I’ve ever had or the wine I drink most frequently.  personly I love many wines for many reasons, much like music.  Here is my list of wines attached to a musical style.

*Champagne/Sparkling vs Soca/Dancehall

Bubbly and always good for a party, perfect morning, noon, and night.

*Zin vs Scandinavian Death Metal

Like an awsomely delicious punch to the face, big, bold, and powerful.

*California Chardonnay vs Country

Not unless I have to, most of it is gut wrenching but every now and again you find one that makes you sing out loud.

*Gewurztraminer vs Glitch Hop

Never heard of it?  Well it’s obscure and awesome, check it out.

*Pinot Noir vs Skrillex

Emotionally fragile, it can go from wonderful dream of riding a magical unicorn through clouds of joy, to a fire and brimstone nightmare without warning.

Bordeaux vs Major Lazer

A blend of everything good in this world, never disappointing.

Pinot Grigio vs Pop

Easy to stomach yet not overly exciting, and some are better than others (Much better).


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