Shart in Your Face

So, I like to think that I am a good father.  I provide for my family, I give them love and emotional support.  I am interested in their education and try to expand their horizons.  I am proud of their manners and intelligence.  I feel like I am truly setting them up for success.

Then, out of nowhere, my six year old tells me, “Daddy, if you don’t let me use your iPad, I will pull down my pants and shart on your face.”

Oh the humanity, what have I done?  Am I contributing to the downfall of society?

When parents are sitting around doing what parents do (Talk about their children), they will recall a time when they had the “talk” about the birds and the bees.  I will recall teaching my kids at an early age about sharts and dingleberries.

It sounds wrong, but it feels so right.


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