Sushi Divas

People out there, I am begging you to stop treating sushi chefs like celebrities.  There are over a million and one (Made up number, but there are a lot) people out there that can roll sushi.  Why oh why do we treat sushi chefs different from other chefs just because they are a visible part of the dinning experience?  I don’t get it.  One of the restaurants I run has a sushi bar with the biggest premadonna I have ever know.  He pretends that he is my boss to the guests, he pretends not to understand me, and he is about one stupid smiling nod away from Pissing me off.

So this is my call to arms, please stop treating your sushi chef like a superstar.  Sushi is great, great sushi is everywhere, I can make, you could make it if you tried.  Lets nip this sushi diva epidemic in the ass before it gets anymore out of line.

Thank you for your assistance


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