Work on the Weekend

So I’m sure if you work in the hospitality industry you can relate.  As we get older, and all of my friends get jobs working 9-5 in corporate America I find myself less and less available.  I feel like a true Gemini today, the two stories of my life are at battle with one another.  The story of success and the story of life.  As I push myself working 80 hour work weeks in an effort to climb that latter and  reach for the top, I am missing out on life.  A close friend of mine just celebrated his birthday with a dinner at *The Ravenous Pig with a follows up day at the beach today.  Most of my close friends were there, some great wines were drank, and I’m sure memories were made.  The more I am asked, and reply “Sorry. I have to work,” the less likely I will be asked to go next time.  Every time I miss a milestone in my daughters lives, I feel like this is all for nothing.  But I keep pushing and working and making excuses why I couldn’t be there.  One day when I look back, will I have regrets?  Will my daughters understand the sacrifice I have made to provide them with a better life?  I hope so, most of the time, I like being at work, maybe I’m a workaholic.  In the end, all I can do is my best, and enjoy the little moments.  Whether it be sharing a laugh and a beer with a friend, or snuggling my daughters in the early morning on the kings chair.  Them watching cartoons, and me drinking coffee.  In all honesty, I feel much better now than I did at the beginning of this post, probably because I have off tomorrow.


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