Do you Have a Kabinett in Your Cabinet?

Do you Have a Kabinett  in Your Cabinet?

With Temperatures in the 90’s and humidity making it feel like 100, it is hard to drink a big bold red unless the AC is on full blast.
This time off year, I turn to the refreshing and easy to drink whites. I started my night (Technically its only 4:15) with a glass of Marcus Molitor Kabinett. Kabinett literally translates into cabinet and refers to a wine you store in the cabinet. It’s the lowest level of pradikatswien, is made from fully ripened grapes, and is semi sweet and often dry.
Sometimes people mistake me for a “wine snob” because I like to talk about wine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is the perfect wine to drop a couple of ice cubes in and enjoy while mowing the lawn. Or sitting by the pool with some dill havarti and fresh Plant City strawberries or cut up mango.
Marcus Molitor Kabinett, Mosel Germany.
Typical petrol on the nose with a ton of fresh fruit on the palate, such as apricot, peach, pear, and a light citrus. It has a nice minerality (Flint). Super refreshing with a massively long finish. I usually prefer my whites dry, and I like to stay away from anything sweet, but it’s always nice to have a few good Rieslings lying around for that hot summer day.

I know German labels are confusing, here are a few terms to help.

*Trocken- Dry
*QbA- means quality wine from a specific
*QmP- Superior quality wine.
*Kabinett- Duh, ripe grapes, semi sweet and sometimes dry.
*Spatlese- Sweeter and fruitier than Kabinett.
*Auslese- Very ripe hand harvested and sweet. The most wide ranged of Riesling styles depending on the producer.
*Beerenauslese- Hand harvested sweet wine, often dessert wine.
*Eiswein- Made from naturally frozen grapes, very sweet.
*Trockenbeerenauslese- Super sweet and rich, the grapes naturally dry on the vine before being picked.

Hope that helps


2 thoughts on “Do you Have a Kabinett in Your Cabinet?

  1. I would say that the most wide ranged Riesling style is definitely Kabinett because it’s the cheapest one and therefore the easiest to sell. Many people don’t like the sweeter Spätlese and Auslese.
    Do you remember which of the Markus Molitor Kabinett you had? I recently tasted their Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Kabinett and loved it!

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