Oh Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the day went perfect as planned from start to finish…and then

After the kids fell asleep (Or so we thought), my wife and I went to the bedroom for some “Alone time.”  After we yadda yadda’d, we showered and the wifey went to the kitchen for a nice cold glass of water.  Upon which, she found my six year old watching cartoons.

my wife tells my six year old, “Hey sweetie, mommy and daddy were just having some mommy and daddy time,” and then came the response of the year 

Talia (Age six) says, “It sounded like sex to me.”

Holy shit, where or where did that come from?

My wife literally runs away and in to our bathroom to interrupt my glorious post sex shower.  She explains the situation, and tells me, “Get out of the shower so we can handle this.”

So then we have a talk.  My wife asks, “Where did you hear about sex?”  My daughter stands there staring at us funny before saying, “From TV, you know, Family Guy, Cleavland Show, Bobs Burgers.”

oh shit, those are the adult cartoons that I watch with my daughters around.  I thought it was innocent enough and all of those jokes were over their heads.  Not only was I wrong, but I am now in the dog house BIG TIME.


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