All I am saying is dont create expectations if you don’t need to.

I am very strict when it comes my cost control.  Sometimes to much.  My wife is always asking me for food, depending on business, and my budget for the month, I say yes or no.  She doesn’t quite understand, and I probably should feed her more, but at the end of the day, it’s only business.

Sunday, I got her chicken Marsala over mashed potatoes.  She loved it, but an hour or two later, she asked for dessert, the flourless Torta de Chocolate.  I was in a great mood because this month has been much busier than expected, and I was about to start my vacation.  I would have said yes regardless.

Busy working hard, my wife approached me and whispered in my ear, “If you give my a Torta, I’ll give you a blowjob.”

Now, I may be cheap, but I am no fool.  I put in the order for her as I got ready to finish my night and start my vacation the absolute best way possible.

So she leaves around midnight, I finish up around 1:30am and I race home.  I know that it’s late and I’m trying to beat the clock so she doesn’t fall asleep.  I get home and she’s awake, however, I notice she has zit medicine on her face.  Being married, your love life has tell tale signs whether your going to get lucky or not.  Zit medicine means a big fat “Not tonight.”

Now, I am very understanding.  Its late and she’s tired, but she created an expectation without need which leaves me disappointed.

It would be like me telling her I was going to do the laundry, not do it, and then tell her, well I didn’t do the laundry because I was tired.  It not a big deal, no one is mad of upset, but it’s a let down.

Don’t create expectations if you don’t need to, that’s why I will never tell her I will do the laundry.  Sometimes I do the laundry, I just never tell her in advance.

Just saying


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