Job Nazi

Current job status:

I currently feel like a Rothschild in early 1940’s France.  I have been influential in the shaping of regulations as well as helped financial growth.  And then came the Germans.  My local authoritarians support me, for we are all true nationalists.  The Vichy and that puppet of a man Petain is spreading propaganda about me full of ignorant mistruths.  Before you go waving flags, you better know what you stand for, and if you don’t ask for the truth, you will always be living a lie.

I have only done my job to the best of my abilities, holding all staff members accountable.  I guess in the eyes of power, not all men are created equal.  The SS can do what they want when they want, and professionals like myself will always carry a target on my back.

Fuck Petain and fuck the Vichy!

I am one step away from fleeing to Argentina until this whole mess is over.


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