Popes…I Know, It’s Random

So, being bored, its too early to drink and breakfasts already over.  I am not religious, though I find history intriguing and wanted to blog.  As random as it might seema without further adieu

Here are some facts about popes:

There have been 266 popes.

St. Peter was the first pope.

79 popes were later canonized (Given sainthood).

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his birthday at the Whitehouse.

Pope Pius IX donated a slab of marble for the Washington Monument which was defaced and thrown in the Patomic by an angry mob upon arrival in Washington.

The founding fathers were against a relationship between the US and the popes, maybe the Masonic founding fathers still held a grudge from Friday 13th, 1307.

Highly in debt, King Philip IV of France turned to pope Clement V to approve a mass slaughter, capture, and torture including burning alive all of the know Knights Templar (Friday 13th, 1307).

The Vatican joined forces with the US to help influence the fall of communism.

The church used indulgences to rebuild St Peters Basillica in the 15th century.

It cost them 46 million Ducats (Billions by today’s standards, 3,000 ducats would be worth over 300,000 in US dollars).

Roman Emporer and historic psychopath Nero crucified St Peter (Obviously he was not yet a saint).


So, I’m not a wierd conspiracy theorist, but I am an avid reader and through a combination of Fiction, History, the History Channel, and my over active imagination, here is what I think.

The Knights Templar were running shit in Europe.  Some powerful people who wanted to be running shit got pissed.  King Philip IV was in debt to the Knights, who controlled all the wealth.  To quote Scarface, “First you get the money, then you get the power.”  King Philip IV set forth a plan to kill the Templars and take there riches.  This was easy enough because the Templars were based out of France, but he couldn’t move on them without the blessing of most single most powerful man in Europe, Pope Clement V.  Now this is fucked up because the Knights pledge loyalty to Christianity and the Pope.  Stricken by greed, the Pope says, “Fuck these fools, there getting to powerful for their own good, and more and Philip will split the wealth,” or something along those lines.

They go through with it, rounding up the Templars.  Burning them alive, torturing them, but they don’t find the riches and the Knights aren’t squeeling.

Fast forward about 100 years later in the Swiss Alps (Not that far from France).  The Swiss Cantons, were a group of bad ass mercinaries who helped shape Europe by fighting for many different sides in many different wars.  They ended up working for the Pope as a private security force.  In true Templar form, while the Vatican was under siege and Rome had been sacked, the guards sacrificed their lives so the Popes could escape.  

Now, the Swiss guard is the Military force and National Army of the Vatican.

Templars vs Swiss Gaurd-

Both bad ass worriers protecting the churches riches in the name of Christianity.  Both willing to sacrifice their lives for the greater good.

Both Swiss and Templars had poweful banking systems.


Call me crazy, just saying


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