Getting Drunk and Saving Birds

Getting Drunk and Saving Birds

Tonight I plan on getting bubbly with some Duval Leroy, but first I need to finish what’s in the fridge.
Last night my wife and I shared a glass of wine after the kids went to sleep. She doesn’t like big bold reds, so I grabbed some Riesling and unscrewed the stelvin.

2008 Mohua Riesling from Central Otago New Zealand
Mohua is a native bird to New Zealand that is close to extinction. The owner of this winery started a project of moving these birds to an island where they are not in danger. There they reproduce and thrive. Once they are old enough, he brings them back to New Zealand. This is not only super awesome that the owner is single handedly (not really single handed, but you get the idea) repopulating this species of birds, but it makes a great story for selling the wine to your customers.
There’s nothing I love more about Riesling than the petrol in the nose. I do not like sweet wines, and can deal with a slight sweetness in my Rieslings, but I can really appreciate a dry Riesling.
Great nose, rich flavors of citrus and strawberry. It is a wonderful dry wine with great layers of flavor and depth. I get mixed citrus and petrol in the fore palate, a nice dry mouth feel and heavy lemon grass in the mid palate, this wine has a long lingering finish with strawberry and lime. Great acidity that leaves a tartness in my mouth for quite a while after i take a sip. I am really impressed with this pick.
I really like Central Otago wines, mostly their great dark cherry and smokey Pinot Noirs, this Riesling comes threw and leaves me wanting another glass. The only problem is the low alcohol (12%) which would work out to my benefit if I was out and wanting to drink several wines, but winding down at home I can barely catch a buzz after three glasses. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a drunk, but opening more than one bottle at home by myself just doesn’t seem right. Good thing this one was already open, round two get ready.


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