Willamette Dammit

Today I am reviewing the 2011 Solena Grand Cuvée from Willamette Oregon.

upon my first sip I was slightly unimpressed, but I did put it in the refrigerator over night, and it was colder than I had wanted when I opened it.  I gave it a few more sips over the next 15 minutes or so and noticed a wonderful change.  It’s times like this that I can truly appreciate the complexity behind each and every wine.  The change between every plot of land, bottle, glass, and all of the different variables that create these changes.

I have enjoyed many Oregon Pinot Noirs, and Pinot Noir is my favorite varietal (Burgundy to be exact) so I am overly critical when drinking any Pinot.

the color is slightly darker than I had expected, having a nice ruby hue.


In the nose I pick up fresh raspberries and a hint of earthiness.  I used to spend my summers in the Adirondack Mountains where I would pick wild raspberries in the woods.  This really brought back memories.

This Pinot is rich and right away, I can feel the tannins.  It has wonderful fruit flavors of raspberry and red current.  There is a hint of bitter chocolate and floral notes in the finish.  The finish is slightly tart and lingers for quite some time.

My favorite part of this wine is the tannins, it’s like sucking on the pit of a plum.


Its a very nice wine, but I feel that it lacks in complexity and doesn’t wow me.


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