1919 Smash

1919 Smash

Here is my tribute to American spirits in history, the 1919 Smash.
It is a slight variation of a Whiskey Smash.
1919 was a horrible year for the bar business, it was the first year of prohibition and it lasted until 1933. The bill was passed even after it was vetoed by President Woodrow Wilson and lost the US government hundreds of millions of dollars each year in lost taxes.
The 1919 Smash is a tribute to pre-prohibition cocktail the Whiskey Smash, in my version, I use George Dickle Rye Whiskey.
The original favorite of the colonies was Rum, but during the revolution the import of Rum and molasses to make Rum were cut off. The colonists turned to grains like Rye to make their spiritous libations. George Washington himself was no to make Rye Whiskey. Rye Whiskey became the official drink of the newly formed US and held its spot until prohibition, which it was then forgotten about until recently, with the exception of Canadian Whiskey. Rye Whiskey has more spice and fruit than the sweeter Whiskey, Bourbon.
The 1919 Smash is George Dickel Rye Whiskey, Fresh Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Mint Leaves, and a Splash of Soda.


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